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Alfa Medical
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Great Neck, NY 11021
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Tuttnauer 1730VC- Manual

Model # Chamber Size How fast does it take to get
to 273f
Shipping Weight Overall
D x W x H
1730VC 6.7" dia x
13.4" deep
3 min 55 lbs 17.9 x 17.4 x 12" Order Info

* Electrical outlet of 110V is required
* Circuit breaker size is 15 amps
* International certifications
* Dual safety thermostat to protect againts overheating.
* Overheat cutoff
prevents burnout of heaters when insufficient water in the chamber.


For assistance call 1- 800-801-9934 and ask for
Andy, Miriam, Andrea, Shlomo,
Chuck, Ermani, or Alin
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