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Tuttnauer Heidolph Autoclaves ...The Only Sterilizer for your Laboratory With Almost Unlimited Applications! 

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Since early 1900, the Tuttnauer Company has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of sterilization equipment for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and surgical markets. Drawing on this extensive experience, as well as input from its international network of sales and marketing offices, Tuttnauer is in the unique position of being able to incorporate the best design and engineering features of the international sterilization community into their standard, commercially available, infection control products.

Tuttnauer offers a large variety of sterilizers; Table Tops from 7.5-85 liters and Steam and Gas Bulk Sterilizers from 120 to over 17.000 liters with regular and highly technical special cycles.

Tuttnauer Autoclaves comply with the leading international requirements as complying with MD 93/42 and PE 97/23 Directives, EN 285 and prEN 13060 standards for Autoclaves and EN 554 for Validation as well as the HTM 2010 and 2031 and IEC 61010-2-041 for safety. The Autoclaves are constructed in compliance with the ASME Code for pressure vessels and steam boilers. The autoclaves are made in compliance with AAMI / ANSI ST 8 and ST 55 and are certified to comply with UL and FDA requirements. The Quality system conforms and is certified by "TUV Product Service" to comply with ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 13845.

Tuttnauer markets its products worldwide through companies in the USA and Europe as well as representatives and dealers throughout the world and is considered one of the 3 leading manufacturers in the world in the infection control market.

Tuttnauer's products have developed parallel to the research conducted by scientists in a variety of fields and continue to meet the high standards that are required for safe, effective and environmental friendly sterilization. The systems are based on microprocessor technology, and the cutting edge control unit monitors, displays, and documents all sterilization parameters.

Tuttnauer products serve as standard equipment in hospitals-operating theatres, CSSD, day surgeries, universities, research institutes, dental and surgical clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, and various manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, etc.

The Company addresses various segments of the market, such as institutional buyers, government purchasing agencies and private end-users. Tuttnauer is also involved in turnkey-project management, feasibility analysis, planning, sourcing, installation, and commissioning for Central Sterilization Supply Dept. and Medical Waste Handling Facilities.

Tuttnauer has won various international tenders of the World Bank, European Bank, IBRD, etc. and has been successful in bringing the equipment and technology to Russia by receiving the award of the tender from the World Bank for 247 hospital autoclaves of various sizes.

We welcome you to take this opportunity of joining our family of satisfied customers worldwide and brows our site.

Tuttnauer ISO certificate

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